Our 2nd Season has wrapped up and our 3rd CSA season is on it's way! Sign up for updates on our next CSA Season today!

Harvest Season Membership
Harvest Season Membership
Harvest Season Membership
Harvest Season Membership

Paradise Farms

Harvest Season Membership

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By signing up for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership, you are actively connecting to the land of South Florida, supporting healing and regenerative practices, empowering local Miami farmers, and you enjoy a share of the farm's rich harvest each week throughout the season. Your non-refundable membership contribution ripples out to the local and global communities in tangible and real ways.

Together we can make the world a better place!

Our Harvest Season membership will provide you with a weekly box from now until the end of season May 8, 2022. Our Harvest Season Half-Share (good for 1-2 people, contains 5-7 different items) & Harvest Season Full-Share Membership (good for 3-4 people, contains 7-10 items) Includes:

List of your box contents and benefits of one featured crop a week.

Weekly delicious, delicious, regenerative, organic and sustainably grown produce.

Exclusively tailored recipes from all-star Plant Miami Executive Chefs Horacio Rivadero & Veronica Manolizi. Includes 3 video recipes for the holidays.

Supplemented with dried or fermented products from Paradise Farms. 

Weekly pickup is available at the following three locations (Please choose the location that best works for you to pick up every week):

Friday's from 12pm-5pm: Paradise Farms (for directions)
Saturday's from 9am-2pm: Key Biscayne Farmers Market (for directions)
Sunday's from 9am-2pm: Our sister location, The Sacred Space Miami (for directions). 

Delivery in Miami-Dade County is available for an additional $25/week to be paid upfront. 

IMPORTANT: please when registering for your CSA Box, input your personal phone number in the 'Your phone number' line at checkout,  this will allow us to send you weekly reminders of your CSA harvest.

More questions? Visit our F.A.Q. for more details.