Welcome to Paradise Farms CSA

Fresh. Local. Regenerative.

By signing up for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership, you are actively
connecting to the land of South Florida, supporting healing and regenerative practices,
empowering local Miami farmers, and you enjoy a share of the farm's rich harvest each week
throughout the season. Your non-refundable membership contribution ripples out to the local and
global communities in tangible and real ways.

Whats is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers that
prioritizes local, sustainable food production. In a CSA, members buy a "share" of the farm's
expected harvest at the season's start, locking in a weekly portion of the farm's fresh and dry
produce, based on seasonal availability.

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and takes care of the world's natural resources.

How does CSA work at Paradise Farms?


Register online and select your preferred pick-up location.


Receive your box at home every week, or collect it from your preferred pick-up point.


Explore our recipes and tips to create something delicious with your fresh ingredients.


Stay tuned to farm updates via our newsletters and social media.

What's in Your CSA Box?

Our CSA membership runs from November to May, when the farm is in full swing. The contents of
your box, a delightful variety of 9 to 15 items sufficient for 3 to 4 people, changes with availability.
Sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, plump avocados, colorful bell peppers, and creamy eggplants.
Refreshing cucumbers, baby pac choi, pumpkins, and squash. Curly kale, tropical oregano, and a
wide variety of mushrooms. When the harvest permits, we pack your box with dry products and
delicious farm-to-fork culinaries; the kind you'll want to eat from the jar. We also send you recipes,
storage tips, and other useful information to help you prepare, preserve, and enjoy your CSA
produce, whatever the season. And remember! You can select your preferred pick-up point from
the list of possible locations or have your weekly box delivered directly to your home (an additional
cost applies to home delivery).

Why Become a CSA Member at Paradise Farms?

We grow our produce using regenerative, sustainable methods that protect the environment.
No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
Support local farmers and the local economy.
High-quality, organic produce at a reasonable price.
Reduced time between harvest and consumption means increased nutritional value for you and your body.

Join a community of like-minded individuals who value fresh, local food.
Take a private tour, see how we cultivate, meet our farmers, and learn about regenerative agriculture.

Pick-up locations and delivery options to suit.


Check our FAQ or contact us at: info@paradisefarms.com