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Coco Puro - Cold Pressed

Coco Puro - Cold Pressed

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Our signature coconut milk is truly a symbol of the purity and simplicity that you will find throughout all our products, allowing the quality of our farms ingredients to truly shine. It is a labor of love, starting with our farmers harvesting the coconuts from our tall palms, then removing the husks one by one.

The husked coconuts are then taken to our culinary facility where they are drained of their water, cracked open, and their white flesh removed using special coconut tools, all by hand. 

The coconut meat is then blended with coconut water and a bit of filtered water, then strained once through a mesh strainer and twice through fine cheesecloth.  Resulting in the smoothest and truest coconut flavor you can find in a coconut milk, with just the right amount of full fats.  Drink alone, foam it in your coffee, add to ceviche, smoothies or use to cook coconut based sauces.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an Individual Seasonal Box or a Culinary product Online from Thursday to Sunday, please know that your item will be ready for pick up the FOLLOWING SATURDAY at your chosen pick up market.

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