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Lacto Cukes - Live Pickles

Lacto Cukes - Live Pickles

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Beautiful Suyo Long cucumbers are harvested straight from the vines of our fields at Paradise Farms, lightly rinsed, then sliced thickly and lacto-fermented in a brine of 4% sea salt and purified water. 

The cukes are accompanied by fennel tops and garlic to be fermented for only 3-4 days before moving into refrigeration to ensure a crunchy pickle!  The beneficial bacteria in the lacto-fermentation process create lactic acid while potently infusing all flavors together to create a biome-benefiting, flavor bomb of a pickle without the sugar and vinegar.

Use as you would any classic pickle, on sandwiches, chop and add to yogurt to make tzatziki, or just eat straight from the jar!  Don't forget to utilize the brine by mixing with your choice of oil and honey to make a clean, probiotic vinaigrette or in cooking when an acidic pop is desired.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an Individual Seasonal Box or a Culinary product Online from Thursday to Sunday, please know that your item will be ready for pick up the FOLLOWING SATURDAY at your chosen pick up market.

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