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Starfruit Vinegar - Wild Cultures

Starfruit Vinegar - Wild Cultures

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Starfruit Vinegar From our 3 acre fruit tree orchard, the carambola fruits are picked at peak ripeness by our farm team and transferred directly to our Paradise Culinary kitchen.  As soon as they arrive, the fruits are crushed and aerobically fermented.

The immediate processing allows us to utilize the vigor of the still very prevalent wild yeasts that exist all around us.  From there the fermentation does all the work. Monitored at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the fruits turn to alcohol and in about 30-60 days alcohols turn to acetic acid, creating the beautiful, stable and vibrant vinegar you see before you.

Slightly less acidic than typical vinegar, mildly sweet with notes of tropical flora, use this wildcrafted vinegar to make tropical vinaigrettes or in chilled seafood dishes!

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an Individual Seasonal Box or a Culinary product Online from Thursday to Sunday, please know that your item will be ready for pick up the FOLLOWING SATURDAY at your chosen pick up market.

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